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Periwinkle Remedy

Other Names:  Periwinkle, Madagascar Periwinkle, Vince Major, Vince Minor
Traditional Usages: Increase Blood Flow, Arteriosclerosis, Dementia, Heavy menstrual Bleeding, Nosebleeds, Bed-wetting, Used as a Douche for Leucorrhoea - (A whitish or Yellow discharge of mucus from the vagina), Gastric Catarrh, Chronic Dyspepsia, Belching, Flatulence, headache, Dizziness, High Blood Pressure, Impaired memory, Tinnitus, Hearing loss, Behaviour Disorders,
Resources: Madagascar, Europe, Philippines
Parts Used: Leaves, Root,
Health Warning: Seek professional medical advice before taking Periwinkle. Avoid during Pregnancy and Breastfeeding

Periwinkle - Herbal remedy for Stroke: Periwinkle is a herb you can take for the prevention or remedy of a stroke. Periwinkle improves the blood flow to the brain area. It helps to stop hemorrhaging.

Always seek the advice of your doctor before taking herbal remedies


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