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White Vinegar Remedy

White Vinegar: Both white and distilled vinegar can be used in cooking, food preservation, medical and laboratory purposes. The basic difference is their acetic acid content. Distilled vinegar contains 5 - 8% acetic acid, is better for cooking, flavouring, food preservation and as a natural remedy. White vinegar contains 5 - 20% acetic acid and is made by natural fermantation and is stronger than distilled vinegar, it is more suitable for cleaning and disinfecting.

White Vinegar - Home  remedy for Sunburn: Plain white vinegar is a popular sunburn remedy.  It helps to relieve pain when applied to the skin. Vinegar can be applied as a compress. Soak clean towels in a half water and half vinegar solution. Wring the towels and apply on the affected areas, avoiding contact with broken skin and the eye area. Another option is to fill a clean spray bottle with the half vinegar, half water solution and spray on the sunburned skin.
Health Warning: Avoid contact with broken skin and the eyes.

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