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Other Names: Almond, Almond Oil, Sweet Almonds, Badam Ka Tei, Prunus Amygdalus
Traditional Usages: Food, Cosmetics, Anti-Aging, Baldness, Wrinkles, Alzheimer's Disease, Amnesia - Memory Enhancer, Immunity Booster, Low Libido, Depression, Insomnia, Low Blood Pressure, Amnesia,
Resources: California, Asia, Mediterranean Region, Iran, Italy, Middle East, North Africa, Britain
Parts Used: Nut, Oil expressed from Nut
Herbal Research:  Almonds

Almonds - Home remedy for Amnesia: Almonds are effective memory boosters. Soak 15 almonds in water overnight. Remove skin and blend into a paste. Consume it every morning with a teaspoon of butter.

Almonds - Home remedy for Acid Reflux: Eat three almonds after every meal or every time you eat a snack. They neutralize juices in your stomach thus relieving heartburn.

Almonds - Home remedy for Bronchitis: Grind the kernels of almonds and mix this powder in a glass of orange juice. Drink this every night before sleeping.

Almonds - Home remedy for Dementia:  Almonds contain many nutrients. Place a handful of almonds in water to soak overnight, then peel and eat every morning on an empty stomach. They will help increase the memory and power that it contains.

Almonds - Home remedy for Hemorrhoids: Eat three raw unprocessed almonds every day. Chew each one about 50 times.

Almonds - Home remedy for Heartburn:  Eat six blanched almonds and chew each one at least 30 times.

Almonds -Home remedy for Social Phobia: Grind a dozen almonds and boil in milk. Add some sugar or honey and drink before bedtime.

Almonds - Home remedy for Stuttering: Grind a dozen almonds. Boil in milk. Add honey and drink twice daily; morning and at bedtime.

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