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Grapefruit Seed Extract

Grapefruit seed extract is processed from the seeds, membranes and the pulp of grapefruit as a by-product from grapefruit juice production.

Grapefruit seed extract is normally only made from grapefruit seeds, always check the product labels for descriptions of ingredients.  Grapefruit seed extract can be used both internally and externally.
Grapefruit seed extract (Citrus racemose) is also sold as ‘Citrus Seed Extract’ and is used in antibacterial and antimicrobial products and is available in liquid, tablet and powder forms.  It is very acidic and tastes bitter, properties that are believed important to the healing process. Grapefruit seed extract is believed to be highly effective for fighting infection and is used as an antiseptic and preservative. 
Grapefruit seed extract may react with various drugs and antibiotics, if you are taking regular prescription medicine it is essential to consult your doctor before using grapefruit seed extract. One side effect is the possibility of stomach upsets when taking Grapefruit seed extract.  
Different Grapefruit seed extract products may be sold in varying concentrations and almost always need to be diluted for different types of applications. If you have a citrus allergy you should avoid this remedy.
Health Warning: Grapefruit juice and certain medications can be dangerous according to an editorial in Nature Medicine (2001). Grapefruit juice inhibits a chemical in the intestine needed to break down many drugs in the body, the absence of this chemical can lead to higher blood pressure.

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