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Green Tea, Bancha Leaves

Other Names: Green Tea, Chai, Cha Yei, Mother Tincture, Camellia Sinensis
Traditional Usages: High Blood Pressure, Hypertension, Anti Aging, Hepatitis, Obesity, Cataracts, Hypothermia, Gum Diseases, Wounds, Dysentry, Angina, Anxiety, Baldness, Sunburn, Acne, Menopause, Night Sweats, Avian Flu, Drowiness, Allergy Skin Rashes, Aphrodisiac, Swollen Ankles
Resources: Asia, Cambodia, China, India, Tibet, Japan,
Parts Used: Leaves, Flowers

Green Tea - Herbal remedy for Amnesia: Green Tea has catechins which are compounds that help in boosting memory. Take as many cups as you want..

Green Tea - Herbal remedy for Arthritis: Green tea has antioxidants which protect the body therefore proving to be beneficial in treating arthritis. Green tea is available in teabags and 3-4 cups of tea can be taken daily.

Green Tea - Herbal remedy for Cholesterol: Green  tea is made from unfermented leaves and contains polyphenols that block the absorption of cholesterol in the small intestine, where it is excreted before it can accumulate inside the walls of the coronary arteries and cause atherosclerosis. Green tea is available in teabags. Drink three cups daily.

Green Tea - Herbal remedy for Dermatitis:  Soak some green tea bags in warm water. Squeeze the tea out of the teabags on the affected area. Drink three cups of green tea daily.

Green Tea - Herbal remedy for Increase Female Fertility: Green tea stimulates the sex hormone which can lower the estrogen and androgen levels in the body. This can correct the underlying hormone problem and induce ovulation. It is also possible to double the chances of conceiving by drinking a cup of green tea twice daily.  The maturing of eggs can be increased, and the eggs may become more fertile. These are all ways in which women may become more fertile. Studies have shown that male fertility can also be increased by drinking two cups of green tea daily. Low sperm count can be improved.
Health Warning: Overuse of green tea may, however lead to nausea, vomiting, diarrhea and headache. Women with psychological disorders, stomach ulcers and kidney disorders should consult a medical doctor before drinking green tea.

Green Tea - Herbal remedy for Gonorrhea:  Green tea extract - take 250-500 milligrams daily.

Green Tea – Herbal remedy for Hay Fever: Green Tea contains high amounts of antioxidants which can help the body to fight off infection and allergies. Drink three cups of green tea daily.

Green Tea – Herbal remedy for Heart Disease: Popular in Asia for centuries, green tea helps to keep blood pressure under control. It also may help keep cholesterol from clogging arteries. The tea contains substances that keep the harmful LDL (low density lipoprotein) cholesterol down and the helpful HDL (high density lipoprotein) cholesterol up. Green tea also helps in keeping blood pressure under control.

Green Tea – Herbal remedy for Heart Attack: To help prevent heart attack, drink green tea twice a day.

Green Tea - Herbal remedy for Osteoporosis: Drinking green tea regularly improves bone mineral density in older women. Drink three cups of green tea daily.

Green Tea - Herbal remedy for Rickets:  Drink three cups of green tea daily.

Green Tea, Bancha Leaves - Herbal remedy for Styes: Roasted bancha leaves are used to make popular Japanese tea. Infuse a tea bag in hot water for 10 minutes and add 1 teaspoon of sea salt. Dip a cotton pad in the lukewarm liquid and apply it to your closed eye, keeping it there for 10 minutes at a time, three times a day. Available online.

Green Tea - Herbal remedy for Tuberculosis: Green tea may help to boost immunity in tuberculosis patients. Green tea is made from the leaves of the camellia sinensis plant and is usually brewed with hot water and taken as a tea. It can also be taken in capsules. Green tea is safe for most adults.
Health Warning: However, drinking more than five cups daily may cause irritability, tremors and headache. Green tea may interact with some medicines and may not be suitable for everyone. Consult your medical doctor before using green tea to treat tuberculosis.

Green Tea - Herbal remedy for Urethritis: Take 250-500 milligrams standardized extract daily. Use caffeine free products. You may also prepare teas from the leaf of this herb.

Green Tea - Herbal remedy for Urinary Incontinence: The main ingredient in green tea is catchetin which protects bladder cells from inflammation. Bladder inflammation can lead to incontinence and other related bladder conditions. Take one tablet of 500 milligrams of green tea twice daily.

Always seek the advice of your doctor before taking herbal remedies


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