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Anaemia: Anaemia may be defined as a condition in which there is a decrease in the quantity of hemoglobin or in the number of red cells.  Anaemia is among the most common ailments affecting human beings.

The patient usually complains of weakness, fatigue, lack of energy and dizziness. Other symptoms include a haggard look, premature wrinkles, dull and tired looking eyes, poor memory, shortness of breath on exertion, headache, slow healing of wounds, and heart palpitations. The skin and mucous membranes look pale. Iron deficiency anaemia symptoms are skin bruising and hair loss. Inadequate supply of oxygen to the cells of the skin results in slower healing thus resulting in bruising.

In the same manner the roots of the hair receive less oxygen and so they are considerably weakened. The skin on the palms and soles of a person suffering from anaemia will generally appear pale.

Symptoms of anaemia in women may be more severe compared to men. This is due to the regular loss of blood during menstruation which aggravates the condition. Anaemia in women, especially during pregnancy is a very common problem. Signs and symptoms of anaemia during pregnancy include breathlessness and giddiness.

If iron deficiency anaemia is left untreated, it can make you more susceptible to illness and infection, as a lack of iron in the body affects your immune system (the body’s natural defence system). If you have any of these symptoms, speak to your doctor, as they can diagnose iron deficiency anaemia through a simple blood test.

Always seek the advice of your doctor before taking herbal remedies

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