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Epsom Salts Remedies

Epsom salts absorbed through the skin also work to relieve muscle tension, pain, and inflammation in joints. Submerge yourself in a warm Epsom salt bath to alleviate tension headaches or soothe abdominal cramps. Tired and sore feet will also benefit from the therapeutic warmth of an Epsom salt soak.

Epsom Salts - Home remedy for Arthritis: Add two tablespoons of Epsom salts in your bath water. It will help reduce pain associated with arthritis.

Epsom Salts - Home remedy for Boils: Take an Epsom salts bath. It pulls the toxins or bacteria out through the skin. How much you should use is written on the product package. Do not stay in the bath for longer than 15 to 20 minutes.

Epsom Salts - Home remedy for Stroke: Taking a bath in Epsom salts a couple of times a week has been found to be an excellent home remedy for stroke. This helps to relax the muscles and almost act to rejuvenate them as well. This is recommended to help ease an individual who has suffered through a stroke to get back to feeling normal a lot faster.

Epsom Salts - Home remedy for Varicose Veins: Add Epsom salts to warm bath water and have that type of bath twice a week.

Epsom Salt Bath - Home remedy for Back Pain: Epsom salt is primarily magnesium sulfate and has been used medicinally in Europe for more than three hundred years. The heat of an Epsom salt bath can increase circulation and reduce the swelling of arthritis and the magnesium can be absorbed through the skin. Magnesium is one of the most important minerals in the body, participating in at least 300 enzyme systems. Magnesium has both anti-inflammatory and anti-arthritic properties. Directions: Fill a bathtub with water as hot as can be tolerated. Add 2 cups of Epsom salts. Bathe for thirty minutes, adding hot water if necessary to keep the bath water warm.

Epsom Salt Bath - Home remedy for Pimples: It is believed that a hot Epsom salts bath taken two times per week will help to ease all cases of acne. 

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