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Vinegar Remedies

Other Names: Vinegar, Sirka, Acetic Acid
Traditional Usages: Acid Reflux, Mosquito Bite, Small Pox, Gargle for Sore Throat, Dandruff, Head Lice, Itching, Yellow Teeth Gargle, Apply Underarm for Body Odour, Athlete's Foot
Resources: Worldwide
Parts Used: Vinegar

Vinegar- Home remedy for Athletes Foot: Soak your feet in equal parts of vinegar (white or apple cider) and water for fifteen minutes,  twice a day. Dry your feet thoroughly after each soak.

Vinegar - Home remedy for Boils:  Select a brown paper bag big enough to cover the boil. Make several layers the same size out of the brown paper bag. Soak each piece of paper in distilled vinegar until they are saturated. Place each layer over the boil. Tape in place and leave it on overnight. When you take it off in the morning the boil would have burst or very close to bursting. If it is close to bursting, just a very slight pull will burst it. Make sure you keep the area clean.

Vinegar - Home remedy for Vomiting: To help ease a severe bout of vomiting, warm half a cup of vinegar, soak a washcloth in it and place the wet washcloth on your abdomen. Put a hot water bottle on top of the washcloth for extra relief.

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