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Yarrow Remedies

Other Names: Yarrow, Milfoil, Plant Doctor, Nosebleed, Thousand-Leaf Woundwort, Old Man's Pepper, Old Man's Mustard, Yarroway, Seven Years Love, Arrowroot, Bad man's Plaything, Carpenter's Weed, Carpenter's Plant, Death Flower, Devil's Nettle, Gandrain,  Achillea Millefolium
Traditional Usages: Salads, Stop Bleeding War Wounds, For Temperature Reduction in Fevers, Influenza and Colds. Dry Skin and Absent Perspiration, Measles, Chickenpox, Feverish Children's Complaints, Nosebleed, High Blood Pressure with Thrombosis, Biliary Colic (Gallbladder Attack), Diarrhea, Dysentary, Stomach Cramps, Obstructed Menstruation, Non-Specific Vaginal Discharge, Cleans Wounds, Varicose Veins, Prevent Blood Clots, Piles, Ulcers, Fistulas, Poor Circulation, Toothache Pain,  Decreasing Menstruation during a strong Flow, Inhalant to treat hay Fever, Mild Asthma and Bronchitis, Vomiting, Loss of appetite,
Resources: Europe and Worldwide
Parts Used: Whole Herb
Administration Method: Ground yarrow for teas and other natural preparations for internal use and for sitz baths, pressed juice of fresh plants for internal use.  
Herb Action: Antispasmodic, antibacterial, astringent, anti-inflammatory, bitter tonic, increases sweating, lowers blood pressure, mild diuretic promotes menstruation, reduces fever, stops internal bleeding, tonic, urinary antiseptic.
Herbal Research: Yarrow
Health Warning: Avoid during Pregnancy and Breastfeeding. Some users may be allergic to yarrow.
In some cases yarrow can cause vomiting and stomach cramps. Before taking yarrow talk with your medical doctor about potential drug interactions and possible side effects.

Yarrow - Herbal  remedy for Bacterial Vaginitis: The flowers and leaves of the plant are used to help treat many health problems including bacterial vaginitis. Yarrow tea has astringent property. Yarrow is also known to cause sweating and so helps to cure infections. Yarrow is an anti-inflammatory. Take one teaspoon of dried herb and add it to one cup of boiling water. Allow it to infuse for 10-minutes and add honey for a sweet taste. For more flavour add a slice of lemon.

Yarrow - Herbal  remedy for Bleeding: Yarrow has anti- inflammatory properties. It is recommended for internal bleeding from the lungs, bladder bowels and internal injuries. Chew fresh leaves or have it as a herbal tea. Take one teaspoon of dried herb and add it to one cup of boiling water. Allow it to infuse for 10-minutes and add honey for sweetened taste. For more flavour add a slice of lemon.

Yarrow - Herbal  remedy for Conjunctivitis: Infuse a teaspoon of yarrow. Let it cool down. Strain and use as  eyewash .

Yarrow – Herbal  remedy for Deep Vein Thrombosis: Yarrow can be taken as a herbal tea. To prepare the tea infuse one top of dried leaves in boiling water for at least 5-minutes. It is recommended to infuse the leaves for about 10-15 minutes so that it will have a stronger taste.

Yarrow - Herbal  remedy for Mastitis: Yarrow leaf poultices or yarrow infused oil bring quick relief and heal cracked nipples rapidly. Place a handful of fresh or dried yarrow leaves in a clean cotton diaper and tie it with a rubber band. Put in a pan of water and simmer for 10-15 minutes. Apply the hot poultice to the nipples. Infuse one tablespoon of dried yarrow leaves in two tablespoon of warm olive oil for 20-minutes. Strain and apply on the nipples.

Yarrow - Herbal  remedy for Nose Bleeds: Yarrow has been used for centuries to treat nosebleeds. The yarrow leaf is either ground and placed in the nostrils or rolled and applied in the same way. It is said to stop the bleeding.

Yarrow - Herbal  remedy for Uterine Bleeding: Yarrow can reduce heavy menstrual flow if taken during a heavy period. Yarrow contains compounds called tannins, which constrict blood vessels. Taking yarrow several days before a menstrual cycle lessens the amount of menstrual flow and prevents cyclic hemorrhaging. To prepare yarrow tea, take some of the dried leaves from the plant and infuse it in boiling water for at least 5-10 minutes.
Health Warning: Be sure not to drink more than three cups of yarrow tea in a day, otherwise it may have the opposite effect on you.

Yarrow - Herbal  remedy for Vomiting: Drink one cup of yarrow tea. It is available at health food stores. This herb is known to stop nausea very quickly.

Always seek the advice of your doctor before taking herbal remedies


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