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Ice Cube

Ice Cube Remedies

Ice Cube - Home remedy for Bedbugs: Take an ice cube and place it on the skin and this will basically numb the itch.

Ice Cube – Home remedy for Genital Herpes:  Put ice on affected area and blow dry with a hairdryer. It confuses the virus.

Ice Cube - Home remedy for  Hemorrhoids: Carefully carve or melt an ice cube down to the size and shape of a bullet. Use it as a suppository. The cold may give you a start, but it may also reduce the swelling and heal the hemorrhoids.

Ice Cube – Home remedy for Heat Rash:  Prevent further discomfort by cooling your skin with ice cubes contained in a sealed plastic bag. Before applying to the skin, make sure to wrap the plastic bag in a dishcloth. Place the ice filled plastic bag on affected areas for 5-10 minutes at a time and repeat every 4-6 hours.

Ice Cube - Cure for Hiccup:  Men should place an ice cube right below their Adam's apple and count to 150.

Ice Cube - Home remedy for Vomiting: Crack an ice cube and suck on the little pieces.

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