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Plantain Remedy

Other Names: Plantain, Common Plantain, Greater Plantain, Flea Seed, Psyllium, Rat Tail Plantain, Flea Wort, Broad Leaved Plantain, Way Bread, Ripple Grass, Snakebread, White Man's Foot, Englishman's Foot, Plantago Major, Plantago lanceolata
Traditional Usages: Food, Laxative, Snakebites, Hemorrhoids, Herpes, Venereal Diseases, Ulcers, Bronchial Disorders, Fevers, Infected Wounds, Insect and Rat Bites, Boils, Coughs, Cystitus, Diarrhea, Lung Infections, Wounds, Burns, Gargle for Sore Throat, Urethritis, Ulceration of the Lungs, Epilepsy, Jaundice, Dropsy, Earache, Lethargy, Convulsions, Is Good for Lunatics, Bee Stings, Skin Irritations, Chronic Blood Disorders, Painful Shingles, Bed-wetting, Irritable Bowel, Dysentery, Bleeding Piles, Excess Menstrual Loss, Thrush, Skin Disorders
Resources: Mediterranean Region, Asia, India, Afghanistan, Iran, Israel, North Africa, Spain, Mexico, Southern US, Canary Islands, West Indies, Central Europe, Cuba, South America
Parts Used: Leaves, Seeds, Husks
Administrative Method: Ground herb and natural preparations for internal and external use.
Herb Action: Astringent, antibacterial
Herbal Research: Plantain

Health Warning: All persons with snake bites must be taken to a Hospital Emergency Department immediately.

Plantain –  Herbal remedy for Snake Bites: Plantain is one of nature’s most powerful medicines and has multiple medicinal purposes besides using it for snakebites. Plantain can be used in fresh or dried form. So when you find it in your yard, go ahead and dry some by placing the leaves in a sunny place. When they are dry they are brittle to touch. Crush the dried leaves and store them in a tightly capped bottle in a dark place.

Plantain leaves are very effective in treating snakebites. Grind some plantain leaves with two tablespoons of very hot water to make a paste. Apply paste on snakebites. However it is the roots of plantain that contain the most anti-venom properties. Pull up an entire fresh plantain plant, chop off the root and wash it under running water. Then apply the root to the snakebite area.

Plantain is also edible. The leaves include abilities to stop bleeding and also encourage repair of damaged tissues just as it occurs with a snake bite. Grab some green plantain leaves and chew them while on your way to the hospital.
Health Warning: All persons with snake bites must be taken to a Hospital Emergency Department immediately.

Always seek the advice of your doctor before taking herbal remedies


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