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Other Names: Thyme, Common Thyme, Mother Thyme, Garden Thyme, Summer Thyme, English Thyme, French Thyme, Winter Thyme, Tomillo, Thymus Vulgaris
Traditional Usages: Culinary Herb, Fragrance, Whooping Cough, Catarrh, Sore throat, Wind Spasms, Colic, Fevers, Colds, Purges the body of Phlegm, Intestinal Worms, Warts, Sciatica, Gout, Eases pains in the Loins and Hips, Digestive Aid, Mental Stress, PMT, Fatigue and Depression, Tea for hangovers and Disinfecting Wounds, Massage Oil, Repel Insects, Add Thyme to pillows for a peaceful sleep, Athlete's Foot, Infections of the Repiratory Organs, Throat, Bronchi, Urinary Tract infections, Irritable Bowel Syndrome, Children Bed-wetting, Mouthwash for Mouth Ulcers and Sore Gums, Streptococcal Infection, Thyme Bath for Respiratory Disorders, Chronic Cough, Difficult Breathing and as a Refreshing Tonic. Tonsillitis, Gastroenteritis, Loss of Appetite
Resources: Southern Europe, Mediterranean Countries, Italy, Mexico, North America
Parts Used: Leaves, Flowering Tops, Oil Extract
Administration Method: Cut herb, powder, liquid extract or dry extract for infusions and other galenical preparations.  Liquid and solid medicinal forms for internal and external application.  
Herb Action: antiseptic, antispasmodic, astringent, antimicrobial, antiparasitic, antibiotic, diuretic, expectorant, heals wounds, increases blood flow to an area (topically), soothes coughs, uterine stimulant.
Herbal Research: Thyme
WHO Organization Herbal Research - Full Report
Health Warning: Avoid during Pregnancy and Breastfeeding. People with Heart Problems, Seizure Disorders or Epilepsy should avoid using Thyme.

Thyme - Herbal remedy for Abscesses:  Thyme, a member of the mint family of plants is a popular garden herb used as a spice and in herbal remedies.
The oil is extracted from its flowers but its fresh and dried leaves are also used medicinally. Thyme contains thymol, a compound that has anti-inflammatory properties and is a natural antiseptic. Thyme must be diluted with sunflower oil. Apply with cotton wool on infected area. This is especially effective in treating toothache.
Health Warning: The essential oil of thyme is highly concentrated and should not be taken internally. 

Thyme - Herbal remedy for Cough:  Essential oil from thyme is effective in reducing cough. Add several drops to a glass of hot water and drink slowly. For a wet cough, try taking thyme. Thyme helps loosen phlegm and easing congestion. Its most active ingredient is thymol, which is an antimicrobial that kills the virus or the bacteria that is causing a cough. To make thyme tea infuse one teaspoon dried herbs in a cup of boiling water covered for 20-minutes. Drink three times a day. Make sure the thyme herbs are fragrant and green.

Thyme - Herbal remedy for Fatigue: Put a handful of fresh thyme in your bath water. Relax in the bath for 10-minutes.

Thyme - Herbal remedy for Fever: Prepare thyme tea by adding 2 teaspoons full of dried herb into a cup of boiling water; infuse for 10-minutes then strain. One or two grams of herb should be taken several times a day until the fever breaks. A fluid extract of a quarter or half a teaspoon can also be taken three times per day. Another alternative is to use a tincture, one third to 1 teaspoon (2 - 6 ml) three times per day.

Thyme - Herbal remedy for Halitosis: Thyme leaves contain thymol. Thymol gives the commercial mouthwash Listerine its distinctive smell and is responsible for some of the bactericidal effects of this mouthwash. To use thyme as natural treatment for halitosis, a teaspoon of dried thyme leaves needs to be boiled in one cup of water for 5-minutes. After straining and cooling of the liquid, it can be used as a gargle. 

Thyme -Herbal remedy for Insomnia: Four sprigs of fresh thyme can be infused in a cup of boiling water and taken before bedtime.

Thyme - Herbal remedy for Melanoma: Thyme is valuable in the treatment of infections. Boil two tablespoons of fresh or dried chopped thyme in a cupful of water for 5-minutes, strain and drink twice daily.

Always seek the advice of your doctor before taking herbal remedies


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