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Warm Compress Remedies

Warm Compress - Home remedies

Warm Compress - Home remedy for Colic:  Place a warm towel or compress on baby’s tummy.

Warm Compress - Home remedy for Gastroenteritis:  Applying warm compress helps to get rid of abdominal pain.

Warm Compress - Home remedy for Headaches: Take a wash cloth, soak it in warm water and put it on your head wherever the pain is. You can also warm a bag filled with uncooked rice in the microwave and use it.  Bear in mind that it has to be warm and not so hot as to burn yourself. Make sure you only use a microwave bag that can be safely used in microwaves.

Warm Compress - Home remedy for Mastitis: Before nursing use a warm compress for 5-10 minutes. Mastitis is a breast inflammation usually caused by infection. It can happen to any woman, although mastitis is most common during the first 6-months of breast feeding. So nursing mothers should use warm compress.

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