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Other Names: Potato, Spud, Patata, Solanum Tuberosum
Traditional Usages: Food, Silver Cleaner, Healing Wounds, Peptic Ulcers, Poultices applied to Painful Joints, Headaches, Backache, Skin Rashes, Inflammations, Hemorrhoids, Potato Skins to treat Swollen Gums and Heal Burns, Diminishing Warts, Hairloss, Styes,
Resources: Worldwide
Parts Used: Tubers, Leaves, Peel (Skin)

Potato - Natural remedy for Conjunctivitis: Grate a potato and place on the affected eye for 15-minutes. Potato is a natural astringent and will help reduce eye inflammation.

Potato - Natural remedy for Cysts:  Put a slice of potato on the cysts and put a plaster on it. It should be done preferably at night. The moisture in the potato will take out the head of cyst in the morning.

Potato - Natural remedy for Hemorrhoids:  Peel and cut raw potato in the shape of a suppository (like a bullet) and insert it in the rectum. Deal with this as you would for a suppository. Remove after two hours .

Potato - Natural remedy for Heartburn:  Eat a slice of raw potato. Grate a raw potato and put it in cheese-cloth. Squeeze out the juice into a glass.  Add twice the amount of warm water as potato juice and drink it.

Potato - Natural remedy for Mastitis: A cold poultice of grated raw potato can draw out the heat of inflammation and unblock clogged tubes. Grated raw potato is applied directly to the breast, and covered with a clean cloth. When dry, it is removed and replaced with fresh grated potato.

Potato - Natural remedy for Moles: Peel and slice a potato. Place slices on moles, secure with a cloth and leave overnight.

Potato - Natural remedy for  Perspiration (Excessive Sweating):  Rubbing a slice of potato on any area which sweats a lot like feet and underarms is the one of the best ways of dealing with the problem of excessive sweating.  

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