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Ivy Leaf Syrup Remedy

Other Names: Ivy Leaf, Common English ivy, Hedera helix
Traditional Uses:  Whooping cough, To liquefy bronchial phlegm, chronic bronchitis, colds, flu, asthma 
Resources: Many parts of Europe, Northern and Central Asia
Parts Used: Leaves and berries
Herb Action: Cathartic, diaphoretic, stimulant, anti-spasmodic, expectorant
Administration Method: poultice, infusion
Health Warning: Avoid during pregnancy and breastfeeding. Large doses may cause nausea and vomitting. 

Ivy Leaf Syrup - Syrup for a Cough:  For a dry cough, try ivy leaf syrup to cure a cough naturally. Ivy leaf contains compounds that fight inflammation and bronchial spasms. Take 2 teaspoons twice a day.

Always seek the advice of your doctor before taking herbal medications


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