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Breast Cancer

Breast Cancer:  Breast Cancer is a tumour that originates from breast tissue that is from the inner lining of milk ducts or from the lobules that supply milk to the ducts.  Breast cancer occurs in women and men, though the majority of cases are women. Breast pain isn't usually a symptom of breast cancer.

Symptoms of breast cancer: Breast cancer can have a number of symptoms, but the first noticeable symptom is usually a lump or area of thickened breast tissue. Most breast lumps aren't cancerous, but it's always best to have them checked by your doctor. You should also see your doctor if you notice any of the following: a change in the size or shape of one or both breasts; discharge from either of your nipples (which may be streaked with blood); a lump or swelling in either of your armpits; dimpling on the skin of your breasts; a rash on or around your nipples; a change in the appearance of your nipple, such as becoming sunken into your breast. 

The size, stage and rate of growth of breast cancer determine the kinds of treatment. Treatment may include drugs (hormonal therapy and chemotherapy), radiation, immunotherapy and surgery.  Surgical removal of the tumor provides the single largest benefit.

Most breast lumps aren't cancerous, but it's always best to have them checked by your doctor. After examining your breasts, your doctor may refer you to a specialist breast cancer clinic for further tests. This might include a mammography or a biopsy.

Breast Cancer Organisations

Breast Cancer Care: Breast cancer support charity
Prevent Breast Cancer Charity UK | Predict Prevent Protect | Homepage


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