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Multivitamins Remedies


Multivitamins - Vitamins for Depression:  Take a multivitamin 200 milligrams twice a day

Multivitamins – Vitamins for Foot Odour:  Take 500 milligrams  multi-vitamin twice a day.

Multivitamins - Vitamins for Sexually Transmitted Infections: A daily dose of multivitamins, especially those enriched with folic acid, zinc and vitamins B, C, E and K is essential for a healthy body. All these vitamins and minerals help in the faster recovery of the body from any disease.

Multivitamins - Vitamins for Urethritis: Take multivitamins daily, containing vitamins A, C, D, E, the B vitamins and  minerals such as magnesium, calcium, zinc and selenium.

Multivitamins – Vitamins for Smelly Feet:  Take 500 milligrams  multi-vitamin twice a day.

Always seek professional medical advice before taking herbal medications


Health Issues

Mother Nature could have the answer to treating several causes of blindness, according to a ground-breaking study involving scientists from the University of Surrey


A $5.7 billion global medical bill to restore sight for the estimated 45 million people with cataracts could be slashed in half by a diet rich in colourful fruits and vegetables, according to an international study.


UK-based trade group the Health Food Manufacturers Association (HFMA) has written a formal letter of complaint to the BBC about a controversial BBC2 Horizon programme about the food supplements industry.