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Other Names: Oats, Oatmeal, Common Oats, Groats, Oatstraw, Wild Oats, Straw, Grain, Avena sativa
Traditional Usages: Food for Man and Beast, Beer, Colic, Diarrhea, Flu and Coughs, Colds, Fight Stress, Build Body Tissue, Soothe Nervous and Digestive Systems, Stabilize Blood Sugar Levels, Reduce Cigarette Cravings, Balance Menstrual Cycle,  Menstrual Cramps, Osteoporosis, Urinary Tract Problems, Oatstraw Baths are used for Rheumatic, Lumbago, Paralysis (add 2-3 handfuls in a gauze, use as sponge when soft), Liver Ailments, Gout, Kidney, Eczema, Neuralgia Problems, Detoxing, Lowering Cholesterol, Tea as a Nerve Tonic, Aphrodisiac, Alcoholism, Headache, Sleeplessness, Shingles, Hyperactivity in Children, Nerve tremors in the Aged, Sexual Weakness with Night Losses, Impotence, Leprosy, General Debility, Depression and Nervous Exhaustion,
Resources: Grown Worldwide
Parts Used: Whole Plant, Seed, Straw (Dried Stems).
Herbal Research: Oats

Oatmeal - Home remedy for Acne:  Oatmeal is effective in treating acne as it is dry and absorbs all the excess oil from the skin. Use enough oatmeal with warm water to make a thick paste. Apply to the skin and leave it on for 30-minutes. Once the mask is dry rinse with warm water.

Oatmeal - Home remedy for Nappy Rash: In order to ease the pain from a nappy/diaper rash, put one tablespoon of oatmeal in a bath of warm water.  You can let the baby sit in the bath for 10-minutes and just enjoy the water. Be sure to dry baby gently and thoroughly afterwards.

Oatmeal - Home remedy for Eczema:  Grind four cups of oatmeal into a fine powder. Put powder in a tub of warm water and soak in it for 15-minutes. Rinse with warm water and dry as usual.

Oatmeal - Home remedy for Psoriasis: Many skin-care products such as Aveeno contain oat extract. Oat extracts have been used for centuries as soothing topical agents to manage dry, itchy skin conditions. Many bath products include colloidal oatmeal as the active ingredient. Oats is a good natural remedy for psoriasis. Put one cup of oats in your bath water before taking a bath. 

Oatmeal - Home remedy for Rashes: Add one tablespoon of raw oatmeal to your bath water.

Oatmeal - Home remedy for Shingles: Ground oatmeal can be dusted on the affected part. It reduces the pain from contact with clothes by acting as a dry lubricant.

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