19-05-2017 | Apple Cider Vinegar natural remedy for Dandruff

The term dandruff generally refers to the condition of the skin wherein shiny, silvery scales separate from the scalp and collect in the hair. Seborrheic dermatitis is quite a common skin condition that affects the scalp causing an itchy scalp and scaly or flaky skin and stubborn dandruff.
The condition can become troublesome when the skin gets infected. There are two main types of dandruff, namely dry dandruff and oily dandruff. Those with an oily skin tend to suffer from oily dandruff while those with dry skin suffer from dry dandruff.
The type of dandruff home remedy that one chooses must therefore be decided according to the type of dandruff. Oily dandruff can be a little tougher to treat as it tends to recur quite easily while dry dandruff can be prevented quite easily.
Seek professional medical advice if your dandruff shows no signs of improvement after two weeks of treatment.

Apple Cider Vinegar - Natural remedy for Dandruff:  Massage apple cider vinegar into the scalp and leave for 5 minutes. Apple cider vinegar will remove the dead skin cells that are clogging the hair follicles and causing dandruff flakes. Apple cider vinegar will also restore balance to the scalp.

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