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Other Names: Charcoal, Pulverised Wood Charcoal, Carbo Vegetablis
Traditional Usages: Neutralizes putrid smells of wounds, cancer, diarrhea and gangrene, Dysentry, Food Poisoning, Gout, Stomach Problems, Flatulence, Indigestion, Supplement for Gastric Problems, Bloating, Belching, Astringent Dressings (World War 1) , Chronic Bowel Discharges, Absorbs Bacterial Toxins, Activated Charcoal forTeeth Whitening, Vertigo, Anthrax, Some Overdoses, Acute Poisoning, Beauty Treaments
Resources: Worldwide
Parts Used: Powdered Charcoal
Health Warning: Prior to using Charcoal discuss with your doctor. Avoid during Pregnancy and Breastfeeding

Charcoal - Home remedy for Diarrhea: Charcoal is available in tablet form and is very effective. As charcoal comes under different brand names ask your pharmacist how to use it and about dosages.

Charcoal Tablet – Home remedy for Fish Poisoning:  For Diarrhea: Charcoal tablet or powder mixed with water will help get rid of food poisoning effects. Just mix  a quarter cup of charcoal powder with water and drink it up. If you do not see much difference, repeat the remedy after half an hour. If you do not have charcoal at home, take a slice of bread and toast it until it is burned black. Eat the black burned parts of the bread to achieve the same effect.

Charcoal, Activated – Home remedy for Food Poisoning: Try taking activated charcoal it gets rid of bacteria. Activated charcoal is used to treat stomach pains from gas, diarrhea, or other stomach issues. It is  also used in certain cases of drug overdose and accidental poisoning. It can be obtained as an over-the-counter product. Activated charcoal is sold under brand names such as Optimum Charcoal, Liqui-Char, Actidose Aqua, Charcoal Plus DS, EZ Char, and Insta-Char. It can also block the liver from processing or breaking down certain toxins.  Activated charcoal comes in liquid form and powder form.
Ask your doctor, pharmacist, or poison control center operator for information on how and when to use it in cases of overdose.
Health Warning: Charcoal should not be used by pregnant women and those who are breastfeeding. Always consult your doctor before using it.

Always seek the advice of your doctor before taking herbal medications


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