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Vitamin C Remedies

Vitamin C - also called ascorbic acid, is an antioxidant that promotes healthy teeth and gums. It helps the body absorb iron and maintain healthy tissue. It also promotes wound healing.

Vitamin C: Foods rich in Vitamin C: Brussels Sprouts, Broccoli, Red and Green Peppers, Tomatoes, Kale, Mustard Greens, Chards, Citrus Fruits, Papaya, Strawberries.

Vitamin C - Vitamins for Adult Bedwetting: A daily 500 milligrams of Vitamin C is useful as it helps in strengthening the nervous system and normalizing hormone production.

Vitamin C - Vitamins for Allergies: Vitamin C has anti-inflammatory properties. During acute flare-ups, take 1,000 milligrams five times a day for 4-5 five days. Follow this with 1,000 milligrams three times a day for three weeks and then take 1,000 milligrams a day for two months.

Vitamin C - Vitamins for Alopecia: Take 1,000 milligrams twice a day.

Vitamin C - Vitamins for Alopecia: In addition to correcting any vitamin deficiencies, women whose hair loss is due to physical trauma, crash diets or heavy menstrual periods can benefit from supplementation with a high-potency multivitamin and 50 milligrams of iron, together with 1,000 milligrams of vitamin C to boost iron absorption.

Vitamin C - Vitamins for Amnesia: Vitamin C can treat amnesia as it is an antioxidant that helps protect  the brain from damage. Take one vitamin C tablet of 200 milligrams once in the morning and one in the evening for four weeks. 

Vitamin C - Vitamins for Arthritis: Research has shown that a deficiency in vitamin C causes arthritis. So eat a lot of citrus fruits or take 100 milligrams  of vitamin C daily.

Vitamin C - Vitamins for Asthma: Men should take 90 milligrams and women 75 milligrams daily.

Vitamin C – Vitamins for Autism: 1000-3000 milligrams per day.

Vitamin C - Vitamins for Bronchitis: Taking a vitamin C supplement (500 milligrams) might help you to recover quicker.

Vitamin C - Vitamins for Chlamydia: Take one tablet of 200 milligrams once a day.

Vitamin C – Vitamins for Cold Sores: Vitamin C increases the production of infection-fighting white blood cells and antibodies and increases levels of interferon, the antibody that coats cell surfaces, preventing the entry of viruses. Take 200 milligrams twice daily.

Vitamin C - Vitamins for Colds:  Taken orally in doses of 200 milligrams a day, vitamin C can reduce the length and severity of cold symptoms.

Vitamin C - Vitamins for Dementia:  Vitamin C (200 milligrams) is helpful in repairing the brain function and therefore may work as an excellent natural cure for dementia.

Vitamin C - Vitamins for Flu (Influenza):  The antioxidants found in vitamin C boost your immune system and may help shorten the duration of your flu. Vitamin C is found in oranges and other citrus fruits, as well as various juices, and can also be taken as a supplement.

Vitamin C – Vitamins for Genital Herpes:  Take 100 milligrams twice a day.

Vitamin C - Vitamins for Gonorrhea: Take 200 milligrams of vitamin C one to three times a day.

Vitamin C - Vitamins for Gout: Taking 500 milligrams of vitamin C daily for two months helps to reduce elevated uric acid levels associated with gout.
Health Warning: Vitamin C supplements may cause mild side effects including abdominal cramps and diarrhea. Do not take supplemental vitamin C if you are undergoing treatment for cancer as it may make chemotherapy and radiation treatments less effective.

Vitamin C – Vitamins for Hay Fever: A vitamin C supplement can help to boost the immune system as well as acting as natural anti-histamine. Take one vitamin C tablet of 200 milligrams once in the morning and one in the evening for four weeks.  

Vitamin C – Vitamins for Heat Rash:  Take a vitamin C supplement regularly, it helps relieve the heat rash itch. Take one tablet of 200 milligrams in the morning and one in the evening for four weeks.

Vitamin C - Vitamins for Hives:  Apply a homemade lotion of crushed vitamin C tablets and water over the rash. The antioxidants in vitamin C will help control the rash. Take 400 milligrams twice daily.

Vitamin C - Vitamins for Measles: Large doses of vitamin C will help boost the immune system and control fevers. Since it can fight infections, it can help keep complications from developing. A person infected with a measles virus should take 3,000-10,000 milligrams per day. Small children should take a slightly smaller dose.
Health Warning: Vitamin C can cause temporary intestinal problems.

Vitamin C - Vitamins for Rhinitis: Vitamin C acts as a natural antihistamine. Take 2,000 milligrams daily.

Vitamin C - Vitamins for Syphilis: Take 750-2500 milligrams 4 times daily as it boosts immune function.

Vitamin C - Vitamins for Varicose Veins: Take 300 milligrams daily.

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