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Warm Water Enema

Warm Water Enema - Home remedy for Meningitis:

Warm Water Enema - Home remedy for Meningitis: It should be administered daily and constipation should be eradicated. Taking or giving an enema is a relative simple thing to do.

You will need an enema bag with an attachable fountain syringe or something for administering the enema. You can find one at your drugstore, or some supermarkets, or online. Fill syringe with warm filtered water (105° Fahrenheit). Warm water helps relax the colon to facilitate taking a larger volume enema with the least amount of cramping.
Hang enema bag 18 to 24 inches above rectum. Open clamp and allow air to escape before inserting nozzle in the anus. Lie down and insert nozzle, Open hose clamp. Allow water to slowly fill the colon, If you feel full or begin to feel a cramp, stop or slow water for a little bit, when the feeling subsides  begin flow again. Try to take the whole bagfull of water, stopping and starting the water flow as needed. After you have taken as much solution as possible remove the nozzle and retain the enema.
You should try to hold the solution for a few minutes to allow the enema solution to work. Holding 5-10 minutes is usually sufficient to achieve good results. When you are ready move to the  toilet and expel the enema.
Health Warning: This is only recommended for those who have some knowledge about enema or have some medical knowledge. 

Always seek the advice of your doctor before taking herbal medications


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