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Eclampsia, Pre-eclampsia

Eclampsia: Eclampsia is a life threatening condition where a pregnant woman who has been previously diagnosed with pre-eclampsia (high blood pressure and protein in the urine) suffers from seizures that are not related to a pre-existing brain condition, or goes into a coma. In some cases seizures or coma may be the first sign that a pregnant woman has had pre-eclampsia.

Symptoms of eclampsia may be severe headaches, blurred or double vision or seeing spots. Toxemia of pregnancy is a common name formerly used to describe preeclampsia and eclampsia.

No one knows what exactly causes preeclampsia or eclampsia, although abnormalities in the endothelial system (the lining cells of blood vessels) have been described as a potential cause.  Since the exact cause of preeclampsia or eclampsia is poorly understood, it is not possible to effectively predict when preeclampsia or eclampsia will occur or to administer any treatments to prevent preeclampsia or eclampsia from occurring or recurring.

If you have preeclampsia, your doctor should carefully monitor you for signs of worsening and potential eclampsia. Delivery is the main treatment for severe preeclampsia to prevent eclampsia. Prolonging the pregnancy can be dangerous to both mother and baby.

Eclampsia - Remedies:
The only treatment is delivery of the baby or abortion

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