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Natural Remedies and Cures provides practical information on Herbal & Home Remedies, Cures, Vitamins & Supplements and, short descriptions of the 200-most common Illnesses & Conditions in the UK and Ireland.

Herbal Remedies:  Includes 1000 plus Herbal Remedies for Illnesses & Conditions, with suggested dosages and applications. 
Plus, Herbal Research and studies added where available.

Home Remedies & Cures:   An A - Z of Home Remedies, Cures & Herbal Preparations for Illnesses & Conditions, with suggested dosages and applications. Plus, Herbal Research and studies added where available.

Additional Information: Includes traditional herbal usage, parts used, administration methods, possible side effects,   herbal preparations, herb actions and properties and lots more. Their inclusion is not a recommendation of approval, but merely to illustrate the vast range of Illnesses and Conditions for which herbal remedies and herbal preparations were used, and are still being used throughout the world. Resource Credits

Health Warning: The information on Natural Remedies and Cures website is not intended to replace professional medical advice, diagnosis or treatment. Unless stated otherwise on this website, herbal and home remedies, cures, vitamins & supplements are not suitable for children, pregnant women and nursing mothers. Equally important, anyone currently taking prescribed or over-the-counter medication is advised to seek professional medical advice before using any herbal or home remedies, cures, vitamins or supplements.

Health Issues

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