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Natural Remedies and Cures provides practical information on Herbal & Home Remedies, Cures, Vitamins & Supplements and, short descriptions of the 200-most common Illnesses & Conditions in the UK and Ireland.

Herbal Remedies:  Includes 1000 plus Herbal Remedies for Illnesses & Conditions, with suggested dosages and applications. 
Plus, Herbal Research and studies added where available.

Home Remedies & Cures:   An A - Z of Home Remedies, Cures & Herbal Preparations for Illnesses & Conditions, with suggested dosages and applications. Plus, Herbal Research and studies added where available.

Additional Information: Herbal Terminology; Herbal Preparations; and Herbal Research;
Herbal Resource References


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Half of US teens and adults under the age of 50 are infected with the oral herpes virus, and one in eight has genital herpes.


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Created in 1948 to provide free and universal access to healthcare, it’s regarded as one of Britain’s most significant achievements in the last century - but can it make 100?