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Devinia Sookia was born on the tropical island of Mauritius in the Indian Ocean.

Devinia pursued her higher education at Aix en Provence in France and London, UK where she studied law and journalism. She is a member of Lincoln's Inn and was called to the English bar.

She was called to the Mauritian bar and worked in Mauritius as a barrister. She also worked as a lawyer for the meda in London, UK until she moved to San Francisco, USA. where she is an attorney, journalist and writer.

Devinia has written for several newspapers and magazines over the years. In London she occupied the posts of Woman's Page Editor, Legal Editor and Cookery Editor. She has written a cookery book Caribbean Cooking published in UK and available  in UK, USA, Canada, Germany, Australia and from Amazon.

Her second book Snatched from My Mother published in USA is the true story of her kitty "Titi", a one week old kitten separated  from her mother on the island of Mauritius, once habitat of the extinct dodo. Titi is thrown on the street in  a cardboard box on a hot summer day. Devinia who was on vacation there takes Titi back with her to USA. Titi is the blessing that she was lucky to have.

Natural Remedies and Cures website was inspired by Devinia’s kitty “Titi”. When Titi was sick and suffering from liver cancer and kidney disease, she would chew on corn silk which is the threads found on fresh corn cobs. Later Devinia discovered how pain can be relieved by corn silk.  "This shows that God has given the same natural remedies for all His Lovely Creatures".  Devinia is dedicating Natural Remedies and Cures website to the memory of her beloved Titi who left this world for a better one.

Devinia's third book Mauritian Cooking  will be published soon. 
Devinia writes for other websites such as Helium in USA. Her interview with Maya Angelou the famous American writer and actress in Caribbean Times newspaper in London was chosen and printed in a book on the famous lady by the Mississippi University Press in USA.

Devinia Sookia speaks five languages and has travelled worldwide.

Devinia is a strong believer in natural remedies. She believes if God has given humans diseases, God  has also provided plants and herbs to deal with them. Contact Devinia

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