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naturalremediesandcures.co.uk provides immediate access to information on over 1000 herbal and home remedies, cures, vitamins and supplements and, short descriptions of the 200-plus most common illnesses and conditions in the UK and Ireland.

naturalremediesandcures.co.uk was created to help more people discover and use herbal remedies. Simply introducing a new herb or vegetable or fruit into your daily or weekly diet, could mean living a healthier, happier and longer life – perhaps for less than 50 pence a day.

The prime source of information for this website comes from Devinia Sookia: a US lawyer; UK barrister; journalist; author and mother. Devinia is also the third generation in her family practicing as a herbalist.  Both her grandmother and mother used to have their own herb gardens which provided effective herbal remedies for their local communities.

Herbal Research into Herbs and Herbal Remedies includes: Other Names by which herbs are also known. Traditional Usages of herbs from the past to the present - worldwide. Resources: countries where the herbs are grown. Parts Used: the parts of the herb used. Administration Methods of using and applying herbal remedies. A list of Herb Actions and Properties and clinical Herbal Research. Research by - John Hughes, webmaster and publisher.  Resource Credits


Health Issues

Half of US teens and adults under the age of 50 are infected with the oral herpes virus, and one in eight has genital herpes.


The network between hardware, software and humans, is waiting to explode. Just about everything in life is now interconnected.


Created in 1948 to provide free and universal access to healthcare, it’s regarded as one of Britain’s most significant achievements in the last century - but can it make 100?