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Children’s Remedies Stomach Ache

Catnip Leaves, Chamomile Tea and Peppermint Tea:

Catnip Leaves - Stomach Ache - Children's Remedies: Put half an ounce of dried catnip leaves and half an ounce of fennel seeds into a teapot. Fill with boiling water and let it infuse for at least 4 hours. Strain and give the child half a cup twice daily.

Chamomile Tea - Stomach Ache - Children's Remedies: Chamomile tea is another good stomach ache remedy. Infuse one teabag in half a cup of hot water for 10 minutes. Chamomile is very calming as well as soothing. So it is good for a child who is dealing with nervousness or fears.

Peppermint Tea - Stomach Ache - Children's Remedies: Peppermint tea is a good stomach ache home remedy for older children. This is a great remedy if the stomach ache is due to overeating. Infuse one teabag in half a cup of water for 10 minutes and give it to the child.
Please note: You can vary the combinations of the herbal tea .You can give your child peppermint tea during the day and chamomile tea in the evening.

Always seek the advice of your doctor before taking herbal medications


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