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Colloidal Silver

Colloidal Silver is an antibacterial mineral solution containing silver ions and very small charged silver particles suspended in a medium such as distilled water. As the silver particles have the same electrostatic charge (Zeta potential - is a key indicator of the stability of Colloid dispersions), they repel each other and this keeps them in uniform suspension throughout the medium.

Colloidal Silver - Supplement for Syphilis: Colloidal silver health nutritional supplements rapidly reduces inflammation and promotes healing of lesions. See product pack for dosages.
Health Warning: The use of colloidal silver can carry the risk of serious side effects such as argyria, allergic reactions, and interactions with prescription medications, seek your doctor's advice before taking it.

Always seek professional medical advice before taking herbal medications


Health Issues

Excessive facial hair is a touchy subject with many women; those who suffer from this condition have a low self-esteem


Maca (Lepidum meyenii, Brassicaceae), a root vegetable grown in the Andean region of Peru, is widely used for its nutritional and therapeutic properties. Maca is said to improve male and female reproductive activity in diverse ways, from increasing arousal and reducing symptoms of menopause to boosting sperm quality,


The Food & Pandemics Report, produced by plant-based advocacy group ProVeg International, identifies the eating and farming of animals as “the single most risky human behaviour in relation to pandemics”, and calls for urgent changes to the global food system in order to prevent future outbreaks. The report has drawn support from inside the UN Environment Programme (UNEP).