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Douches, Douching

Douches, Douching

Douching was once a common practice that has now fallen out of popular use. In the last few years, important research and studies show that douching can be more harmful than beneficial, by causing bacterial infections and problems during pregnancy – it is not a recommended cleaning method.

Many women douche to clean themselves after having a period to rinse out vaginal discharge, or to clean out semen after having sex. However, the vagina is designed to clean itself naturally with its high acidity and natural mucous, keeping itself healthy and in good working condition.

Douching removes the vagina’s natural fluids and increases the risk of yeast and other bacterial infections. Do not douche to remove vaginal itching or burning sensations or to remove strong odours experienced (outside your menstrual cycle), these are symptoms of an infection and you should see your doctor as soon as possible.

If your doctor recommends that you have a douche, choose a douching product that looks best for you and follow the instructions carefully. To make your own douching solution, mix one part vinegar with three parts water, equal to two cupfuls. It is best to get into the bath or shower to prevent spilling any of the solution on the floor.

Insert the tip of the squeeze bottle into the vagina and squeeze the bottle to rinse the inside of the vagina. Afterwards you may take a bath or shower, and use mild soap to wash off any douching solution from the outside of your vagina. Avoid using perfumed soaps, antiseptics and gels as these can affect the natural vaginal secretions.

When you have finished, clean the douching equipment and store it out of reach of children. Be aware that douching is not an alternative contraceptive, or protection against STIs, or against pregnancy.  To protect your vagina against bacteria and viruses during sex - always use a condom everytime you have sex.

Always seek the advice of your doctor before taking herbal medications


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