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Pineapple Remedies

Other Names:  Pineapple, Ananus Comosus
Traditional Usages: Food, Acid Reflux, Acne, Urinary Tract Infections, Improves Eye Health, Laxative, Coughs and Colds, Flu, Bone Health, Reduces High Blood Pressure, Improves Oral Health, Skin Care, Increases Fertility, Aids Digestion
Resources: South America, West Indies, Philippines, India
Parts Used: Fruit, Stem

Pineapple - Natural remedy for Angina: Pineapple can be consumed fresh or in the form of juice (250 millilitres) twice a day for a month.

Pineapple - Natural remedy for Appendicitis: Pineapple is effective in treating indigestion associated with appendicitis. Eat  a few slices of  pineapple whenever you suffer from indigestion.

Pineapple - Natural remedy for Gastritis:  Pineapple helps digestion. It should be eaten slightly ripe.

Pineapple - Natural remedy for Stroke: Eat Pineapple several times a week.

Pineapple - Natural remedy for Tinnitus: Eat fresh pineapple frequently to reduce inflammation.

Pineapple - Natural remedy for Vomiting: Pineapple acts as a tonic and relieves much of the digestive disorders. Half a glass of pineapple juice should be taken after a meal in treating this condition.

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