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Turmeric Remedies

Turmeric - Research

Studies show that turmeric has antioxidant properties that may be useful in a variety of diseases and conditions.5,6,7  
The German Commission E approved turmeric for the internal treatment of indigestion.1  
Traditional medicinal practices in India and China tout the benefits of this bitter tasting and slightly fragrant root as a digestive aid,3  but many Ayurvedic (traditional Indian medicine) healers also integrate the powder into a paste or lotion for the treatment of dry and flaking skin, skin sores and wounds, and external inflammations.1,2,4  Other traditional internal uses of turmeric include relief of menstrual pain and treatment of urinary tract problems.1,4  
Turmeric is incorporated into teas and is a base component in many culinary spice blends, specifically curry.1,2  Due to its brilliant color, turmeric has also been traditionally employed as a dye to color not only foods but cosmetics, paper, wood, and fabrics, specifically the golden robes worn by Thai Buddhist monks.4  
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