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Burdock, Burdock Seeds, Burdock Root

Burdock - Research
Currently, there are no clinical studies available on the internal or external use of burdock.
Various Native American tribes used burdock for rheumatism, scurvy, venereal diseases, sores, chancre (ulcer), to cleanse the blood, and as a gynecological aid for ‘weakly females’.5  
The plant has several modern medicinal uses. Rarely is the plant used alone, but is instead combined with other herbs. The Chinese believe the herb has aphrodisiac properties.2  Burdock has been used to soothe dry and scaly patches on the skin and scalp.6  It also has been used to support digestion and increase appetite.6  
In Britain the root is used in combination with dandelion in a soft drink that resembles in taste the American favorite, root beer.7  The leaves of burdock can be used in salads and the stems can be served steamed.1  
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