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Goldenseal - Herbal research
A WHO Organizational resource: Goldenseal Research - FULL REPORT

Medicinal uses supported by clinical data
Uses described in pharmacopoeias and well established documents
Treatment of digestive complaints, such as dyspepsia, gastritis, feeling of distension and flatulence (1).
Uses described in traditional medicine
Treatment  of  cystitis,  dysmenorrhoea,  eczema,  haemorrhoids,  uterine  haemorrhage, inflammation, kidney diseases, menorrhagia, nasal congestion,  tinnitus  and  vaginitis.  As  a  cholagogue,  diuretic,  emmenagogue,  haemostat, laxative and tonic (5)

1. British herbal pharmacopoeia. Exeter, British Herbal Medicine Association. 1996. 
5.    Farnsworth  NR,  ed. NAPRALERT  database. Chicago,  IL,  University  of Illinois at Chicago, 9 February 2001 production (an online database available directly through the University of Illinois at Chicago or through the Scientific and Technical Network (STN) of Chemical Abstracts Services)

Health Issues

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