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Other Names: Gum Dragon, Milk Vetch, Canada Vetch,Astragali, Huang Qi,  Astragalus Membranaceus
Traditional Usages: Diarrhea, Common Cold, Influenza, Recovery from Stroke, Energy Tonic, Night Sweats, Chronic Diarrhea, Abnormal uterine bleeding
Resources: China, South Korea, Siberia, Mongolia
Parts Used: Root, Extracts
Herb Action: adaptogenic, antiviral, antioxidant, cardiovascular toner, diuretic, immune stimulant, laxative, liver protector, strengthens gastrointestinal tract, tonic, vasodilator
Herbal Research:
Health Warning: Avoid using if pregnant or breastfeeding

Astragalus - Herbal remedy for Cholestrol:  Astragalus extract helps you keep your cholesterol counts in check. Astragalus tea works by preventing fatty plaque deposits in arteries to allow blood to flow freely. In addition, Astragalus prevents fats from being absorbed from the intestines and facilitates their accelerated evacuation from the body. Drink two cups of Astragalus tea once a day for two weeks. 

Astragalus – Herbal remedy for Cold Sores: Astragalus helps to fight the virus. Astragalus should be taken daily for a healthy immune system. It is available in capsules. Take one capsule of 300 grams twice daily.

Astragalus - Herbal remedy for Colds: Take astragulus to prevent colds and as a cure if you are already sick. A bowl of soup boiled with astragalus root is often recommended once or more per week throughout the winter to prevent colds. Astragalus is available in capsule, tea or extract form at health food stores or as a dried root in Chinese herbal shops.

Astragalus - Herbal remedy for Increase Male Fertility:  Take 200 mg tablet once a day. Astragalus is also called huang qi or milk vetch. It comes from a type of bean or legume. While there are multiple species of astragalus, most astragalus supplements contain Astragalus membranaceus. The herb is said to offer multiple health benefits for multiple conditions .Astragalus is safe for most adults when taken appropriately by mouth . Pregnant women  and those breast feeding should not take astragalus.  Doses of up to 30 grams a day can be taken by mouth for 3 months. There are no known side effects. We recommend 250 milligrams a day for 3 months.

Astragalus - Herbal remedy for Gonorrhea:  Use astragalus tincture. Take as directed on the product label.

Astragalus - Herbal remedy for HIV and AIDS:  Astragalus is available in the form of an extract. The recommended dose is 30 to 40 drops, three to four times per day.
Health Warning: Use Astragalus moderately if suffering from acute inflammation  or fever.  Always let your doctor and/or your pharmacist know what alternative and herbal supplements you take along with your current medications. Herbal supplements alone are considered to be fairly safe, but mixing them with certain supplements, prescriptions and over-the-counter drugs can be dangerous.

Astragalus - Herbal remedy for Melanoma: Astragalus increases the production of interferon, an immune factor that inhibits viral growth.  Patients experience significant reduction in symptoms when using astragalus. Take one 500 mg tablet of astragalus extract once daily.

Astragalus - Herbal remedy for Meningitis: As Astragalus boosts the immune system, it is very important for this illness. Take one 500 mg tablet of Astragalus extract three times daily from day one of the meningitis until the disease is gone and all the symptoms have disappeared.

Astragalus – Herbal remedy for Restless Legs: Astragalus helps circulation and iron absorption. Both are factors which can cause restless legs. Astragalus is available in capsule form. Take one capsule of 300 grams twice daily.

Astragalus - Herbal remedy for Tuberculosis: Astragalus can help treat tuberculosis. Astragalus is a traditional Chinese medicine native to Mongolia, Korea and parts of China. Take 250 - 500 milligrams of a standardized extract of astragalus three or four times daily to treat tuberculosis.

Always seek the advice of your doctor before taking herbal remedies


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