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Myrrh - Research
A small number of studies suggest that myrrh may have protective effects against parasites.8  9  
Currently there are no human clinical studies available on the external uses of myrrh.
Myrrh is most widely known as incense in religious rituals and, in ancient times, was highly valued in trade.3  In ancient Egypt it was used as an embalming fluid.3  
In folk medicine, myrrh was used internally for colds, coughs, indigestion, asthma, and arthritis pain.5  Externally, myrrh was used for hemorrhoids, wounds, bad breath, and loose teeth. The oleoresin of myrrh contains a volatile oil, called a terpene, which is thought to have antimicrobial, anti-inflammatory and deodorizing properties.5  
Internally myrrh has been used by women to stimulate menstrual flow and help relieve menopausal symptoms.3  It has also been utilized in cough and cold remedies as an expectorant to alleviate thick mucous.6  
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