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Onion Remedies

Other Names: Onion, Garden Onion, Green Onions, Spring Onions, Bulb Onion, Common Onion, Lazy Man's Onion, Leek-Tree Onion,  Allium Cepa
Traditional Usages: Food, Cookery, Provokes Appetite, Ease the Belly and Bowels, Dog Bites, Worms in Children, Juice of Onion for Scalding and Burns, With Onion removes Spots and Blemishes on the Skin, Tinnitus, Piles, Earache, Baldness, Curing Chilblains and Warts, Coughs, Colds, Diphtheria, Insect Bites, Oedema, Mild Dropsy, High Blood Pressue, Cystitus - Urinary Tract Infection, Poultices on Chest Reliev Congestion, Abscesses and Boils, Sore Throats, Toothache
Resources: Worldwide
Parts Used: Bulb, 
Administrative Methods: Cut onion, pressed juice and other natural preparations
Herb Action: Anti-allergenic, anti-microbial, anti-asthmatic, decongestant, diaphoretic, expectorant, inhibits thrombocyte aggregation (prevents blood clotting), lowers blood pressure. 
Herbal Research: Onion

Onion - Home remedy for Abscesses: Placing a slice of onion inside the mouth at the site of infection will draw out the infection. However you have to wrap the onion in sterile gauze to avoid irritation.

Onion - Home remedy for  Athletes Foot: Take a small onion. Cut in halves. Remove layers of onion from one half. Put one tablespoon olive oil in a pan. Warm oil. Do not heat. Add layers in warm oil and leave there for one minute. Remove and allow to cool. Place on affected area and leave there for as long as possible. It is advisable to do this in the evening while sitting down or watching television.

Onion - Home remedy for Bedbugs: Peel an onion and cut it in halves. Rub half on the skin to stop itching and disinfect as it has antiseptic properties.

Onion – Home remedy for Bee Sting:  Take an onion and slice it. Apply the slice to the bee sting and either hold it there or tape it in place for about 1-hour.

Onion - Home remedy for Boils:  Onion when boiled, mashed and used as a poultice works as a very good remedy.

Onion - Home remedy for Burns: Onion has been used to treat burns and scalds for ages and is indeed an effective home-remedy to heal burns. When a freshly cut onion is applied on to a burn wound, it helps alleviate the sting almost immediately and offers instant relief from the burning pain.

Onions - Home remedy for Chilblains: Grind one onion and squeeze juice out. Apply juice to the affected area.

Onion - Home remedy for Cysts:  Peel onion and cut it in halves. Take two layers from one half. Warm some olive oil and place layers in it. Remove and place them on cysts. Put a plaster or bandage on it. Do this before bedtime. Repeat for seven nights.

Onion - Home remedy for Dysentery:  Chop an onion finely. Add this to yoghurt and eat this twice a day.

Onion - Home remedy for  Erectile Dysfunction:  Chop three medium onions into pieces. Let this soak in one litre of warm water for 10-minutes and take one cup of this extract three times a day.

Onion - Home remedy for Fainting: Cut a whole onion in half. Place the open half of the onion directly under the nose of the person who has fainted.

Onion – Home remedy for Flu (Influenza):  Peel an onion and cut in halves. Put the two halves on a tray by the bedside of the person suffering from flu at nighttime.  By morning the person will feel much better. Another option is to rub some olive oil on the bottom of your feet, then put layers of onion and wear cotton socks to hold them in place.

Onion – Home remedy for Fish Poisoning:  If itching occurs - cut an onion in half and rub one half over the itching skin.

Onion - Home remedy for Gonorrhea:  Peel and chop a medium onion, blend it with a little water and take mixture twice daily.

Onions – Home remedy for Heart Disease:  Onions contain adenosine and other ‘blood thinners’ that help to prevent the formation of blood clots. In addition to thinning the blood, onions can help keep the coronary arteries open and clear by increasing the HDL. Eating half a raw onion every day can increase HDL by 20-30 percent.

Onion – Home remedy for Heat Stroke:  Eat a raw onion daily.

Onion - Home remedy for Hiccup:  Swallow a teaspoon of fresh onion juice.

Onion - Home remedy for  Moles: Peel and chop an onion into small pieces. Put them in a bowl and add some salt. Cover bowl and leave overnight.  Apply pieces of onion on moles next morning. Put a bandage over it . Repeats for one week.

Onion - Home remedy for  Verruca, Warts: Bake a small onion, remove the centre and put the onion on the verruca. Allow the onion to foment to your tolerance limit. Leave it in place overnight. Repeat each day for 3-5 days.

Onion - Home remedy for Wounds: Grind half of an onion into a paste and apply on wound. Cover with plaster.

Onion - Home remedy for Vomiting:  Peel a large onion and cut it in half. Place one half under each armpit. As nauseating as it sounds, it stops vomiting and relieves nausea in no time.

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