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Chaste Tree Berry

Chaste Tree Berry - Herbal Research
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Medicinal uses supported by clinical data
Orally for the symptomatic treatment of gynaecological disorders including  corpus  luteum  insufficiency  and  hyperprolactinaemia  (19),  premenstrual syndrome (20–25), menstrual irregularities (26,27), cyclic mastalgia (28,29) and also to treat hormonally-induced acne (30,
Uses described in pharmacopoeias and well established documents
Orally for the treatment of endometrial hyperplasia and secondary amenorrhoea  (32);  endocrine-dependent  dermatoses  (dermatitis  symmetrica dysmenorrhoica (Matzenauer-Polland syndrome)) acne vulgaris, eczema, acne  rosacea),  hypermenorrhoea  (33),  infertility  due  to  hyperprolactin-aemia and luteal phase defect (34). Used to treat fibroid cysts and infertility, to stop miscarriages due to progesterone insufficiency, to help expel the placenta after birth (35) and also as a digestive aid, sedative, anti-infective and for the treatment of hot flushes (36).
Uses described in traditional medicine
Used as an anaphrodisiac, calefacient, contraceptive, emmenagogue, seda-
tive and as a tonic (5)
5.  Farnsworth NR, ed. NAPRALERT database. Chicago, University of Illinois at Chicago, IL (an online database available directly through the University of Illinois at Chicago or through the Scientific and Technical Network [STN] 
of Chemical Abstracts Services), 30 June 2005

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