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Cornflour, Mustard & Olive Oil

Cornflower - Research
One in vitro (laboratory) study has shown cornflower to have potential anti-inflammatory properties.8  However, no clinical studies have been published on the usefulness of the plant’s constituents.
Cornflower has become increasingly scarce due to the use of herbicides and fertilizers, converting more land to pasture and agriculture, the lack of crop rotation, and the development of competitive crop varieties.9  It is considered endangered in Great Britain and a plan is being implemented to reintroduce cornflower.9  Limited cultivation of cornflower is also being done by Palestinian farmers in the West Bank.10  
Traditionally, cornflower blossoms have been used externally to soothe irritated eyes and skin, and internally to improve digestion, regulate menstrual disorders, and to increase resistance to infections.3  Preparations of the leaf were once used to treat rheumatism.3  
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