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Olive Oil

Other Names: Olive, Olive Oil, Olive Leaves, Sweet Oil, Olivier, Cultivated Olive, European Olive, Lucca Oil, Olea Europaea
Traditional Usages: Food, Culinary Aid, Constipation, Lead Colic, Pin Worms in Children, Gastric and Duodenal Ulcers, Taken Dailly Prevents Heart Disease and Arteriosclerosis and to Alleviate Muscular Pain, Increasing HDL, Decreasing LDL, Rubbing Oil on skin for Rheumatism and Gout, Aches and Pains, Use Leaves to Dilate Coronary Arteries and Improve Circulation, Moderately High Blood Pressure, Infections of the Urinary tract, Nephritis, Promote Appetite and Digestion, Good for Disorders of the Breast and Lungs, Laxative, Disinfect Wounds, Olive Tea leaf lowers Fevers, Mediterranean Diet, Used to Prevent Stretch Marks on the bodies of Pregnant Women, Plague, Dropsy,
Resources: Mediterranean Countries, Turkey, Syria, Chile, Peru, Australia
Parts Used: Oil, Leaves
Herb Action: Lowers blood pressure, mild diuretic, mild hypoglycemic, nutritive
Herbal Research: Olive Oil

Olive Oil - Home remedy for Acne: Olive oil has been used for many years to treat skin conditions and it does not clog the pores. Massage one tablespoon into your skin every day to treat acne.

Olive Oil - Home remedy for Arthritis: Olive oil is known to be rich in omega 3 fatty acids which are effective in treating arthritis. Take one teaspoonful of olive oil daily.

Olive Oil – Home remedy for Body Rash: Massage olive oil once a day onto your skin. There will be improvement within a few days.

Olive Oil - Home remedy for Constipation:  Take one tablespoon of extra-virgin cold-pressed olive oil in the morning and one tablespoon an hour after eating dinner.

Olive Oil - Home remedy for Dandruff:  Olive oil is naturally clarifying and is one of the most popular remedies for problem skin, especially on the scalp. Create a hot oil treatment by heating a quarter cup of olive oil in the microwave for 30 seconds or until warm. Do not boil the oil or make it too hot. Apply the oil to the scalp in circular motions before going to bed and cover with a shower cap. Olive oil needs to absorb into the scalp for approximately 8-hours. In the morning, wash out the olive oil with a mild shampoo.

Olive Oil - Home remedy for Urinary Incontinence: Take one tablespoon of olive oil on an empty stomach on a regular basis.

Olive Oil - Home remedy for Rashes: Apply olive oil on skin.

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