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Spearmint Leaves

Spearmint - Research:

Most of the studies done on spearmint are laboratory or animal trials. One recent human study showed that chewing spearmint gum while studying has positive effects upon memory.6  There are currently no studies on the external use of spearmint
Spearmint is most commonly utilized for its scent or flavor in various internal and external products. The oil is used to flavor jellies, sauces, chewing gum, candy, iced tea, mouthwashes, toothpastes and breath mints.3  It is also used as a scent in perfumes.1  Though not quite as potent (and therefore less commonly used) as peppermint, M. spicata has been used to soothe indigestion, and other GI discomfort.1,2,3  The main constituent of the spearmint oil, called carvone, is reputed to have antiseptic properties.5  
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