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Other Names: Saffron, Croccus, Karcom, Alicante Saffron, Valencia Saffron, Krokos, Gatinais, Hay Saffron, Saffron Crocus, Crocus Sativus
Traditional Usages: Dye, Flavouring, Inducing Sweating in Children, Female Hysteria, Absent or Painful Menstruation, Chronic Bleeding from the Uterus, Difficult Breathing, Small Pox, Measles, Yellow Jaundice, Fainting Fits, Palpitations of the Heart, Helps Digestion, Coughs, Fevers, Combat Epilepsy and Convulsions, Aphrodisiac, Erectile Dysfunction, Bubonic Plague, Anti-Aging Agent, Lifts Depression, Dry Cough, Whooping Cough, Reverse Masturbation Disorders, Bronchitis, Insomnia,
Resources: Persia (Iran),Kurdistan, Britain, Eastern Asia, Europe, India,  Eastern Mediterranean
Parts Used: Dried Stigma and Flowers,
Herbal Research: Saffron
Health Warning: Avoid during Pregnancy and breastfeeding.

Saffron - Herbal remedy for DepressionTake 30 milligrams of saffron in two doses twice daily. This can be taken by boiling the saffron in milk and taking it once it has cooled down.

Saffron – Herbal remedy for Heart Attack:  Add some saffron to black tea instead of milk and sugar when it is hot. When you have tea,  just put some saffron threads to the hot tea, it will dissolve in it. This is good for the heart and helps prevent heart attacks . So drink as often as possible.

Saffron - Herbal remedy for Pain: Boil a few saffron threads in a cup of milk. Add some honey and drink it twice daily.

Saffron - Herbal remedy for Yellow Fever: Mix half a teaspoon of pure saffron in boiling water and have a teaspoon of this liquid on the hour while the fever is present.

Always seek the advice of your doctor before taking herbal remedies


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