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Rosemary - Research
Research on the use of rosemary in aromatherapy suggests that it may affect alertness and anxiety.9  
The German Commission E has approved the internal use of rosemary leaves for dyspeptic complaints and external use as a supportive therapy for rheumatic diseases and circulatory problems.6  In European phytomedicine, the herb is used externally in baths as a stimulant to increase blood flow to the skin.3  
Traditionally, rosemary was used for stomach upset and topically for muscle and lower back pain.5  In China, rosemary and borax were mixed and used as an infusion to prevent baldness.3  In Europe, a similar formula was used to prevent dandruff. In both China and Europe, rosemary was used for headaches and in Europe it was used to relieve gas, indigestion, head colds, and nervous tension.4  
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A WHO Organizational resource: Rosemary Research - FULL REPORT

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