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Saw Palmetto

Other Names: Saw Palmetto, Sabal, Shrub Palmetto, American Dwarf Palm, Cabbage Palm, Serenoa Serrulata
Traditional Usages: Enlargement of Prostrate Gland, Absence of Sex Drive, Impotence, Eases Inflammation of Urinary Tract, Painful Urination,  Wasting of the body due to Chronic Illness - Increases Weight and Strength, To assist Bust Development, Aid to tissue building of the Testicles and Breasts, Stomach Aches, Dysentery, Indigestion, Respiratory Infections, Treat Syphilis and other Infectious Diseases, Improve Male,  Libido, Acts beneficially on Mammary Glands, Treat Hairloss
Resources: US,
Parts Used: Berries, Seeds
Administration Method: Ground herb and other natural preparations
Herb Action: Anabolic, diuretic, estrogenic, sedative, tonic, anti-androgenic, anti-exudative.
Herbal Research: Saw Palmetto
Health Warning: Avoid during Pregnancy and Breastfeeding

Saw Palmetto - Herbal remedy for Alopecia: Saw palmetto is the first choice of many herbalists for male pattern baldness. Saw palmetto blocks the formation of dihydrotestosterone, a hormone thought to kill off hair follicles and lead to androgenic alopecia. Take 160 milligrams twice a day.

Saw Palmetto - Herbal remedy for Chlamydia: Saw palmetto is effective in treating the urinary tract symptoms of chlamydia that commonly occur in men. A 320 milligram capsule can be taken twice daily.15 drops of tincture of the berry can be taken three times a day.

Saw Palmetto – Herbal remedy for Frequent Urination:  Saw palmetto reduces urinary frequency. Take 320 milligrams of saw palmetto once daily.
Health Warning: Saw palmetto has some mild side effects. Therefore women who are taking birth control pills or undergoing hormone therapy should avoid it. Persons taking testosterone or other anabolic steroids should not take saw palmetto without first consulting their medical doctor.

Saw Palmetto - Herbal remedy for Impotence: This remedy helps to reduce enlarged prostates and improve sexual function, increasing a man's desire. It is helpful for men who feel sexually aroused but are unable to get an erection. Take 160 milligrams tablet twice daily or 320 milligram once per day.

Saw Palmetto - Herbal remedy for Urinary Incontinence: Saw palmetto is extracted from the ripe fruit of the American dwarf palm tree and is available in tablet, capsule, infusion and tea formats. Take 160 milligram of standardized saw palmetto extract, two times a day, to treat men with enlarged prostate related urinary incontinence.
Health Warning: Saw palmetto is well tolerated by most individuals. Side effects are usually mild and include gastric disturbances. It is important to talk to a medical doctor before taking saw palmetto.

Always seek the advice of your doctor before taking herbal remedies


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