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Hearing Loss

Hearing Loss:  Hearing loss is being partly or totally unable to hear sound in one or both ears. Symptoms of hearing loss may include difficulty following conversations when two or more people are talking, difficulty hearing in noisy areas, hard to tell high-pitched sounds and voices that sound mumbled or slurred.

Hearing loss may be present at birth (congenital) and can be due to birth defects that cause changes in the ear structures, genetic conditions and infections the mother passes to her baby in the womb such as rubella and herpes. The ear can also be injured by skull fractures and trauma from explosions, fireworks, gunfire and earphones.

See your doctor if you are having problems with your hearing, or your child is showing signs of hearing difficulty. Particularly if you lose the hearing in one ear. If you lose your hearing suddenly you must see your doctor as soon as possible. Your doctor can check for any problems and may refer you to an audiologist (hearing specialist) or an ENT surgeon for further tests. You should also see your GP if you have signs of an ear infection, such as flu-like symptoms, severe earache or hearing loss.

Always seek the advice of your doctor before taking herbal remedies


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