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Wild Lettuce Remedy

Other Names: Wild lettuce, Lactuca Virosa
Traditional Usages: Hyperactivity in Children, Nervous Excitability, Anxiety, Restlessness, Resolve Physical Stress and Promote Healthy Sleep, Irritable Cough, Smoker's Cough, Nymphomania, Muscle Pains, Insomia, Asthma, Flatulence,
Resources: Europe, Australia, France, Germany, Scotland, North America
Parts Used: Leaves, Sap, Dried Juice

Wild Lettuce - Herbal  remedy for Anxiety: Wild lettuce is a gentle tranquilizer and suitable for anxious children or adolescents. It helps with insomnia. Health benefits of wild lettuce tea have been well known for almost 15 centuries, and some of the therapeutic actions of this herb are mentioned in the ancient Egyptian writings.  Wild lettuce makes a soothing night time tea, though not especially tasty on its own, it is good with the addition of a small amount of honey. Use one teaspoon per cup hot water. Pour hot, almost boiling water over herb leaf and Infuse in a closed container for 10-20 minutes.

Always seek the advice of your doctor before taking herbal remedies


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