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Tea Bag Remedies

Other Names: Tea, Chai, Green Tea, White Tea, Black Tea, Camellia Sinensis
Traditional Usages: Hepatitis, Obesity, Hypothermia, Dental Diseases, Wounds, Dysentery, Anxiety, Alopecia, Wrinkles, Baldness, Aphrodisiac
Resources: Asia, Cambodia, China, India, Japan, Tibet
Parts Used: Leaves, Flowers
Herbal Research: Tea

Tea Bags - Home remedy for Abscesses:  Take a tea bag and add just a little hot water just to get tea to start. Squeeze off the water and place tea bag next to your gum. Leave in for at least 30 minutes, it sucks away the infection and helps the pain go away.

Tea Bags - Home remedy for Bleeding: This remedy is for young children who have lost a tooth or elder persons who have had a tooth extracted. Simply place a tea bag in the area the tooth was extracted. This will stop the bleeding and help it to clot. 

Tea Bags – Home remedy for Cold Sores: Applying a tea bag to cold sores can help to control the outbreak due to tannins in the tea. Tannins have anti-viral properties that may work against the herpes virus causing the cold sore.

Tea Bags - Home remedy for Conjunctivitis: For itchy eyes try cooled tea bags on the eyes. The tannin in tea will help sooth itchiness and reduce inflammation.

Tea Bags - Home remedy for Cysts:  Tea bag is the most effective remedy to get the head of cysts to pop. Boil a tea bag and let it cool down a bit. Squeeze the water out and place it on the cysts to heat it. You can place a heating pad over it. It will pop after an hour or so and give relief.

Tea Bags - Home remedy for Perspiration (Excessive Sweating):   Tannic acids present in tea are astringent. Therefore  tea is  a very good antiperspirant. You can soak your hand or foot in warm water containing tea bags (minimum 5) for half an hour. You can also add 10 tea bags to your hot bath water and leave them in the bath for 30-minutes - remove them before taking your bath. This can help you solve the problem of excessive perspiration. 

Tea Bags - Home remedy for Styes: Moisten a regular (not herbal) tea bag. Put it on the eye with the stye while closing it. Bandage it in place and leave the bandage on overnight. By morning the stye will be gone.

Tea Bags – Home remedy for Sweaty Feet: Tea contains astringent and antiperspirant properties which help dry excess sweat from the body. Soak 4-5 black tea bags in hot water and add to a bowl. Put your sweaty feet in the bowl for 30 minutes. This remedy will help reduce the sweating for a few days.

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