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Adult Bedwetting

Adult Bedwetting (medically called nocturnal enuresis): Adult Bedwetting is different from incontinence. Generally it stops in teens but can still happen to men and women in the prime of their life.

Adult bedwetting occurs when there is a problem in controlling the bladder. The causes of adult bedwetting fall into three categories. They are medical problems, physiological changes and emotional stresses. To determine which is the cause of an adult’s bedwetting, a complete medical examination must be carried out.

Medical problems include the following: 
  • Diabetes (abnormal levels of insulin or sugar in the blood)
  • Cancer in the bladder which leads to the malfunction of the bladder and the likely overproduction of urine
  • Infection in the urinary tract which makes the release of urine painful and uncontrolled
  • Enlargement of the prostate gland which disrupts a person’s control over his urination
  • Presence of stones in the urinary tract which interferes with the normal functions of the excretory organs
  • Defects in the nervous system, particularly the central nervous system which makes the process of urination uncontrolled by the brain.
Physiological changes that trigger adult bedwetting are usually accompanied by aging. Some of these are the following:
  • A radical change in sleep patterns which leads to the inability to hold in the urine
  • Shifting biological clocks characterized by sleeping too early or waking up at dawn. Such may also mean that the brain has drastically changed the body’s patterns
  • Changes in the levels of hormones result in older adults having trouble falling or staying asleep
  • When no medical problems or physiological changes are seen in an adult, the bedwetting may be caused by extreme emotional stresses. Rejection, dismissal, death of a loved one and other similar problems may have brought about the adult bedwetting.

Always seek the advice of your doctor before taking herbal remedies


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