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Vitamin B12

Vitamin B12, like the other B Vitamins, is important for metabolism. It also helps form red blood cells and keeps the central nervous system healthy. Very good sources of Vitamin B12 include: Eggs, Cheese, Milk, Cod, Salmon, Meat, Fortified Breakfast Cereals

Vitamin B12 - Vitamins for Adult Bedwetting: Two mcg tablets can help in controlling bedwetting as vitamin B12 maintains the nervous system and bedwetting is often the result of malfunctioning of the nervous system.

Vitamin B12 - Vitamins for Alzheimer’s Disease: B12 is found only in animal products. Oily fish is very high in B12 and also has other nerve-protective properties.  400 mcg should be taken to reduce homocysteine.

Vitamin B12 - Vitamins for Anemia: While iron deficiency anemia produces smaller-than-usual red blood cells, a vitamin B12 deficiency anemia produces oversized red blood cells. This makes it harder for the body to squeeze the red blood cells through vessels and veins.  Vitamin B12 deficient red blood cells also tend to die off more quickly than normal cells. Most people get at least the minimum amount of B12 that they need by eating a varied diet. If you are a vegetarian or have greatly limited your intake of meat, milk, and eggs for other health reasons, you may not get enough of the vitamin in your diet. So taking 200 mcg of Vitamin B12 once a day is important.

Vitamin B12 - Vitamins for Asthma: Take 100 mcg twice daily.

Vitamin B12 - Vitamins for Fatigue: Take 200 milligrams twice a day.

Vitamin B12 - Vitamins for Fibromyalgia:  Take one tablet of 200 milligrams twice daily.

Vitamin B12 – Vitamins for Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder:  (100 mcg) once a day.

Vitamin B12 - Vitamins for Mouth Ulcers: Take 200 milligrams once daily.

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