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Other Names: Hops, Common Hops, English Hop, Hop Vine, Humulus lupulus
Traditional Usages: Beer Making, Pain, Fever, Asthma, Menstrual Pain, Stress, Anxiety, Tension, Headaches, Nymphomania, Insomnia, ADHD, Enhances Appetite, Tonic, Leg Ulcers, Dandruff, Provoke Urination, Skin Infections - Eczema, Herpes, Scabs, Itching, Ringworm and Spreading Sores, Worms, Jaundice, Potent Sedative, Irritable Bowel Syndrome, Premature Ejaculation, Antiseptic, Restlessness
Resources: Europe, Asia, US, Australia, England, Germany, North America, Poland, South America,
Parts Used: Dried Flowers, Fruits, Leaves, Dried Strobiles
Administration Method: Cut, powdered or dry extract for infusions, decoctions and other natural preparations. Liquid and solid for internal use.
Herb Action: Calming and sleep promoting
Herbal Research: Hops

A WHO Organizational resource: Hops Research - FULL REPORT
Health Warning: Avoid using during Pregnancy and Breastfeeding. Hops should be avoided by people suffering from depression as it has a depressant effect.

Hops - Herbal remedy for Herpes:  Take 10 drops of liquid extract of hops in half a glass of water to treat herpes simplex virus type 1 and 2.

Hops – Herbal remedy for Oral Herpes: Boil one tablespoon of hops and two cups of boiling water for five minutes. Allow mixture to stand for 45-minutes. Strain and drink twice daily.

Hops - Herbal remedy for Insomnia: Hops can be taken in the form of tincture or you can drink it by adding it to tea. Herbal tea can be prepared from the dried hops fruit. Pour 150 millilitres of boiling water over one to two teaspoons of the powdered dried hops fruit in a pot. The dried hops fruit must be allowed to infuse into the water for 10-15 minutes before it is ready for drinking. The hops based herbal tinctures can be used at doses of 1-2 millilitres taken two or three times daily. A tablet or capsule of 500-1,000 milligrams can also be taken twice daily. Combination herbal remedies using mixtures of hops with other herbal sedatives like the valerian and passion flower are very effective.
Health Warning: Hops should be avoided by people suffering from depression as it has a depressant effect.

Always seek the advice of your doctor before taking herbal remedies


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