A – Z of Herbal Remedies

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Herbal Actions and Herbal Properties - I, L, M, O & P

Immune depressant: Herbs that reduce immune system activity. Used especially for over-active immune system or autoimmune diseases.
Immune enhancing/Immune stimulant: Herbs that strengthen and stimulate the immune system against illness and disease.

Laxative/Purgative/Cathartic: Herbs that promote the evacuation of the bowels.
Lymphagogue: Herbs or other agents that promote or increases lymph production or lymph flow.
Lymphatic: Medicinal plants that stimulate and cleanse the lymphatic system.

Mucilage: Mucilaginous herbs contain gelatinous constituents and will often be demulcent, often with healing properties.
Musculotropic: Affecting, acting upon, or attracted to muscular tissue.

Narcotic: Narcotics inhibit central nervous system activity and are generally dangerous in excess. These herbs can be addictive and affect mood or behaviour.
Nervine: Herbs that have a calming and soothing effect on the nervous system.
Nervine Tonics: Strengthen, invigorate and restore the nervous system.
Nervine Relaxants: Ease tension and anxiety by soothing both the mind and body,

Oxytocic: Herbs that hasten the process of childbirth by initiating uterine contractions.

Parasiticide: Herbs that destroy animal or vegetable parasites in the digestive tract and on the head and skin.
Pectoral: Herbs that have a general strengthening and healing effect on the respiratory system.
Pediculicide: Plants that kill lice (head lice).Lice are among man’s earliest companions and bearers of disease.
Purgative: Herbs that can produce very strong laxative effects and watery evacuations.

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Always seek the advice of your doctor before taking herbal remedies


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